Saturday, 26 September 2015

Review: Alex Haines Trio EP launch with Rick Simpson's Klammer

Beautiful ambient country from Alex Haines joined by Alex Munk and Nick Jurd.

The launch was last Thursday at Jazz Nursery. Opening for them was a trio on deck featuring Nick Costley-White and Dave Hamblett, followed by Rick Simpson's Klammer ensemble (which is sounding just burning at the moment - looking forward to the album).

Seeing this band in the belly of the boat (Jazz Nursery takes place aboard the Golden Hinde II on the south bank - I have written about it before somewhere on here...) was an intense experience. Soaring, dusty tunes with delicate, warm textures - a welcome injection of eerily disembodied electric americana into the London scene.

Overall, it was a great night.

I was right on the lower deck for the Klammer set: It was incredible to see so many surprised and delighted faces as Rick writhed through his intensely difficult set. ("I've got to start writing some easier tunes!") They have developed a truly distinct voice, whirling through lines with a kaleidoscopic approach to time and tonality, it's music to focus on and get lost in. Rick warned that one song will "leave you feeling a bit weird". It's true; it's awesome.
Rick brings to the table a keen sense of communication that allows everyone to share in all the fun, beauty, and darkness that his ensemble has to offer. Just excellent.