Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Assorted C&L update: Mark Pringle at the Oxford, Con Cellar on Friday, and *even more* Little Lions

Mark Pringle's Moveable Feast live at the Oxford

Pianist Mark Pringle put together an incredible band for this gig. Pringle's music brought the best out of this quartet - one can only imagine the additional joy had Josh Arcoleo been able to make the date as planned. Joe Wright's tenor tone was just so ridiculous - a flute one minute, a bone-saw the next. James Banner was boxing away so hard at that bass I thought it was going to fall apart in his arms - an exciting player with loads of great musical ideas. He and drummer Euan Palmer were so locked in; even during delightful, clattery, free passages, it was fruitless to try and discern where one player ended and the other began.

Con Cellar line-up for Friday

Ok, so the lineup for Friday is - as usual - awesome. Difference this time is that I should be able to make it *in person* this time. Everyone else should too.

Mark Lewandowski Quartet:
  • Mark Lewandowski – double bass
  • Tom Challenger – tenor sax
  • Liam Noble – piano
  • Gene Caldarazzo – drums
Lloyd Haines Trio:
  • Lloyd Haines – drums
  • Josh Arcoleo – tenor sax
  • Chris Hyson – double bass

More Little Lions to listen to...

This band keeps popping up every so often to lob very pretty music at the internet. This track was recorded live at Dempsey's in Cardiff, and made my Sunday morning just wonderful.