Sunday, 26 July 2015

More Brass Mask! ... more Brass Mask?

Off the back of the summer festival circuit, it's great that more recordings of this band keep on surfacing. I'm curious and hopeful as to what a second album might sound like from them. For now, it's crucial that as many people as possible hear and experience their music live. I'm just being greedy and impatient.

There's a track here called "The Bague" which has been part of their live set for a while now, and there's a youtube from Cafe Oto of it floating around - actually I think it's on this blog somewhere - but it's always good to hear more. So much energy, groove - it's raucous and beautiful - perfect festival music! For that moment when the rain gives up, the clouds part, and sun comes crashing down onto the whirling, euphoric masses.