Thursday, 30 July 2015

First gig recording of Simpson/Lewandowski/Glaser trio - UPDATED with Two Rivers Records news...

Whether or not you're familiar with current piano trio jazz, I strongly urge you to check this out - and if you feel like hitting pause at any point - DON'T. It's the first live recording of a trio, and within it, Messrs Simpson, Lewandowski, and Glaser present us with a thunderstorm of ideas - it's the sound of creative energy being squeezed violently out of a toothpaste tube by a thumbless caveman. And it's brilliant.

Rick Simpson - Piano
Mark Lewandowski - Bass
Will Glaser - Drums

UPDATE: Rick has just been signed by Two Rivers Records (Snowpoet, Calum Gourlay, Olie Brice) as well as his buddy, all-round alto-rediculonstrosity Mike Chillingworth. Rick's Sextet album is due out Summer 2016, and Mike's Septet is due in April the same year. If you get bored waiting for the releases, there are C&L posts on related line-ups: a Mike Chillingworth Septet from back in December last year, and Rick Simpson's Klammer back in November.

As I already said on the cellars and lofts facebook page, this label has a daring and exciting roster - one that resembles some of the great roster-cluster-buddy labels of yesteryear (early-70s island, early-60s impulse, etc.). I have that Calum Gourlay album on a loop, and have been bleating about Snowpoet since... december? Anyway. Awesome stuff.