Saturday, 13 June 2015

Listen: Mike Chillingworth releases an LP worth of Con Cellar bootlegs

The Con Cellar in Camden is an unbelievable venue. It is cramped and ill laid out, with far-from-ideal acoustics. But it's so so vibey. To quote a LondonJazz interview with Con promoter George Crowley:
LJN: And you also promote at the Con and Oxford 

GC: Yes, still plowing on with those - the Con we have a little team running, whereas the Ox is my little project. I've gained an invaluable amount not just performing at those nights, but listening and checking out people's music and work and THE HANG - that's how a scene takes shape, I think, and so to me it's really important to keep nights like that going; in pretty much every respect, I'm just keeping going the good work of the Loop Collective (who started the Oxford) and the late and ever-so-great Richard Turner who made the Con what it is.
Over the last decade, the Con has been home to a rich scene for some of the most engaging and inventive jazz musicians on the planet. One of those is Mike Chillingworth. Having missed his trio live before I am extremely grateful to have the chance to listen to this set from this month's show. All three players are absolutely on fire, and the vibe is palpable!
Here are some tunes from a gig at the Con Cellar Bar on the 5th of June 2015.
All compositions by Michael Chillingworth
Michael Chillingworth - Sax/Clarinet
Sam Lasserson - Bass
Jeff Williams - Drums