Sunday, 7 June 2015

Listen: Little Lions 'We'll Meet Again'

Organ bass hook + Purple drank piano + spacey feathery beats. What's not to like?!

Back in April, I posted about these three lads making the kind of music that could quite reasonably be expected to make everyone in the world stop and smile to themselves if only my speakers went loud enough. They just put out a recording of wartime classic 'we'll meet again'. The version that first comes to mind is the hugely touching Johnny Cash version, where a dozen of his friends join in - but this is the perfect choice for Little Lions and something they completely own throughout the track.

Beat drops just over 2 minutes in, and there's no looking back.

These guys have got their thing, and I like it. Apparently they are working with a singer right now, which hopefully means there's more to come soon. Awesome.