Saturday, 13 June 2015

Unofficial Vula Viel dubplate style single:: A: Bewa (Demo) // B: Bewa (Dan Nicholls Remix)

Dan Nicholls just put out this grooving remix of a track from Vula Viel's upcoming album Good is Good.

[Just for comparison / enjoyment / 90s-style single-release nostalgia, here is an earlier demo version of Bewa alongside Nicholls' remix of the studio version...

UPDATE: Only side B available]

Listen: Mike Chillingworth releases an LP worth of Con Cellar bootlegs

The Con Cellar in Camden is an unbelievable venue. It is cramped and ill laid out, with far-from-ideal acoustics. But it's so so vibey. To quote a LondonJazz interview with Con promoter George Crowley:
LJN: And you also promote at the Con and Oxford 

GC: Yes, still plowing on with those - the Con we have a little team running, whereas the Ox is my little project. I've gained an invaluable amount not just performing at those nights, but listening and checking out people's music and work and THE HANG - that's how a scene takes shape, I think, and so to me it's really important to keep nights like that going; in pretty much every respect, I'm just keeping going the good work of the Loop Collective (who started the Oxford) and the late and ever-so-great Richard Turner who made the Con what it is.
Over the last decade, the Con has been home to a rich scene for some of the most engaging and inventive jazz musicians on the planet. One of those is Mike Chillingworth. Having missed his trio live before I am extremely grateful to have the chance to listen to this set from this month's show. All three players are absolutely on fire, and the vibe is palpable!
Here are some tunes from a gig at the Con Cellar Bar on the 5th of June 2015.
All compositions by Michael Chillingworth
Michael Chillingworth - Sax/Clarinet
Sam Lasserson - Bass
Jeff Williams - Drums

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Listen: Little Lions 'We'll Meet Again'

Organ bass hook + Purple drank piano + spacey feathery beats. What's not to like?!

Back in April, I posted about these three lads making the kind of music that could quite reasonably be expected to make everyone in the world stop and smile to themselves if only my speakers went loud enough. They just put out a recording of wartime classic 'we'll meet again'. The version that first comes to mind is the hugely touching Johnny Cash version, where a dozen of his friends join in - but this is the perfect choice for Little Lions and something they completely own throughout the track.

Beat drops just over 2 minutes in, and there's no looking back.

These guys have got their thing, and I like it. Apparently they are working with a singer right now, which hopefully means there's more to come soon. Awesome.

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Textures and moments: Excerpts from radio recording from Trish Clowes' Trio

Silky, heartbreaking, softly warm but with a cool, crisp, clean sonic palette that sets this trio apart - beautiful textures created from such a small group, without effects beyond Montague's pedal board (which is itself considerably stripped back to a twinkling delay, nothing like his headspinning Troyka kaleidoshred moments).

Trish Clowes has shared some excerpts of some recordings she did back in March for Radio Bremen, and they are well worth checking out. Fingers crossed for an album from this trio...

Short sweet mixtape of London jazz

Short but sweet mixtape of some of the best underground jazz in London right now... courtesy of London bassist Ruth Goller's soundcloud account...

"London Underground is an event which will take place on the 4th of July at Beton Eisack in Brixen/Vahrn as part of Suedtirol Jazzfestival 2015. Great bands form London will be shaping the evening...
  1. Melt Yourself Down
  2. Strobes
  3. Troyka
  4. Brass Mask
and a solo set from sound maverick Alex Bonney."

Friday, 5 June 2015

Listen: new track from Ivo Neame's upcoming album

Ivo Neame is officially one of the classiest, killingest pianists out there (Kairos 4tet, Phronesis, etc.) so I was excited to see a new album on the horizon.

Over the course of the track, Ivo connects with every member of the group in some really hip way You can't really see Dave Hamblett on drums - it's really dark in that corner of the room - but he feels his way to bring his trademark magic to Ivo's solo. Tori's solo is also ridiculous - makes me go from pensive smile to writhing gurn in that awesome way only jazz can do. Everything about this is beautiful. Enjoy!

The album, Strata, is due out on June 15th from Whirlwind Recordings.