Saturday, 25 April 2015

duck-rabbit: interview ahead of tonight's EP launch

Duck-rabbit are a London-based improvising trio made up of Joe Wright, Tom Taylor and James Opstad. They are launching the EP tonight (7:30pm, Saturday 25th April) at the Hundred Years Gallery in Hoxton, where they will be joined by the formidable duo of Aisha Orazbayeva (violin) and Peiman Khosravi (electronics).

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Little Lions - lots of little lushness...

Sneaking in a cover from The Social Network, and using the internet...meta...

So I leave the world of London jazz unattended for like, a month (by 'unattended' I mean only going to gigs and buying records, rather than pumping out propaganda) and suddenly there's loads and loads of more music. Wicked.

This is my jam right now. Three lads - two of whom I've written about before: Corrie Dick and Matt Robinson; one of whom I haven't: Joe Webb - making unabashedly smile-inducing excellent sounding music.