Sunday, 29 March 2015

Listen: Loop Collective Live at the Oxford

Atmospheric bootlegs, stunningly immortalised by trumpeter/engineer Alex Bonney. Very grateful. The gig saw drummer Dave Smith (Fofoulah, Robert Plant) putting together a lineup that brought back Robin Fincker (who works mainly outta France these days) alongside the aforementioned Bonney and London-scene wide-boys Tom Challenger and Dan Nicholls. The result is kind of like peering directly into my memories of going up the stairs to an Outhouse gig at the Oxford when I first moved to London. And then having that directed by David Lynch: Living, breathing, improvised music; sly, spacious and surreal.

Robin Fincker - sax, clarinet
Tom Challenger - sax
Dan Nicholls - keys
Dave Smith - drums/electronics
Alex Bonney - electronics/trumpet