Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Seahouses (Rework) - Troyka x Grigori

Troyka has long been screaming out for a vocal remake. In 2009, Micachu's mixtape Filthy Friends was one of the most in-demand albums on the East London scene. Early Troyka's slammin' riffs were the backdrop of one track on that tape, and that was just awesome.

Since then, Troyka have gone from strength to strength, becoming, as Drowned In Sound put it, "jazz-famous already". Their latest album Ornithophobia (available now on Naim - my 180g vinyl is on its way - yesssss!) is a hypermodern take on their distinctive choppy prog jazz. Petter Eldh (who is killing it as a producer at the moment - see also Tiny Beast) has put this music through his trademark mangle of twitchy-but-tasteful sampling effects and "I-don't-care-what-Joshua-Blackmore-says-I'm-putting-reverb-on-this" reverb. (update: Blackmore has since come round to the idea of reverb).

The whole album sounds great. I won't do a track-by-track as I already sort of did that based on an early clip preview. Generally the media reception of the album has been excellent, and I agree with the vast majority of it. At the bottom of their press highlights reel, I sort of see myself as being listed after DIS, Fordham, et al, as:
cellars and lofts: "I concur."
or maybe:
cellars and lofts: "*nods*"
This is a fractally intricate masterpiece, which manages not to lose any of the energy that has always made Troyka one of the most creative and refreshing live bands on the scene. It also has the sort of polished sheen and pregnant sparcity that lends itself perfectly to a good vocal. So that's what they got.

In this Rework released (presumably) to coincide with the album, Troyka's Naim Edge label-mate Grigori sings over a reworking of their track Seahouses... It's a beautiful track, and will hopefully open a few more ears to the range of creative, listenable sounds coming out of the London jazz scene.