Monday, 12 January 2015

London Jazz and West Africa: from 2007 to 2014 and beyond

Here's a small youtube playlist of London Jazz with a connection to West Africa - a lot of great musical things happened in 2014, and I thought I'd put it next to some old recordings of when Outhouse went to the Gambia in 2007... I've no idea if it really happened this way, but it seems like the London scene has developed some of the ideas coming out of those original sessions, with fresh inspiration coming from the likes of Bex Burch (whose band Vula Viel has been a phenomenal live act over the last year - I have high hopes for a 2015 record of some sort) with stunning levels of imagination and energy.

What's it all going to sound like in 2021?

Suggestions for further listening welcome in the comments...

SIDE 1: 2014

Vula Viel - Bekone

Fofoulah - Make Good (Soumala)

Tom Challenger - saxophone/keyboards, Phil Stevenson -- guitar, Johnny Brierley -- bass, Dave Smith - drums/sabar, Kaw Secka - sabar/tama

Dan Nicholls' Point X

Dan Nicholls – keyboards / electronics / electric kalimba
Matt Calvert – guitar / keyboards / electronics
Bex Burch – Gyill / percussion
Shabaka Hutchings – sax / clarinet / fx
Tom Challenger – sax
Kaw Secka – Sabar / Tama drum
Dave Derose – electronic and acoustic drums
Jim Hart – drums / percussion
Steve Byram & Dan Nicholls – visuals

SIDE 2: 2007

Outhouse Ruhabi

Mark Hanslip (tenor sax)
Robin Fincker (tenor sax)
Johnny Brierley (double bass)
Dave Smith (drum kit)
Boubacar Camara, Kaw Secka, Biran Siene, Laity Faye and Mam Birian Siene (sabar drums)