Monday, 15 December 2014

New strobes video - the rough edge of improvised beat music

Strobes: Blackmore, Nicholls, Calvert
Strobes - in a new lineup with Joshua Blackmore on drums and Matt Calvert on guitar - have posted a new live track. BrokeSpeak (video below) starts off ambient with a beat so sparse and asymmetric that it could be mistaken for a glitch, but swiftly clears up into enormous groove.

Dan Nicholls' signature is sprayed all over it - it's just that sound he gets. It's all over his phenomenal Ruins LP and it's all over this. That said, all of these musicians have tagged it: Blackmore - king of post-jazz cowbell - has got it covered. Forget the maths of what's going on here. These grooves are so deep that they swing. Combined with the gritty space-guitar of Three Trapped Tigers' Matt Calvert, Strobes are - along with Tiny Beast part of the heaviest, roughest, bleeding edge of improvised beat music.

Also, those dubby key-stabs ftw.