Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Bumper post: The Enemy in context. Representing Europe for the future of the piano trio

So here's a new trio to watch out for in 2015. London-based Kit Downes and James Maddren are joined by Berlin-based Swedish bassist Petter Eldh, who produced the upcoming Troyka album (another band Kit plays in). Here I've gathered a few tracks to put the trio in context...

2015 has a bunch of hip, loud, electric and electronic stuff lined up, and we're well endowed with rich, heady-opiate-cough-syrup large ensemble arrangements. What I was missing was an acoustic piano trio to get really excited about. This is it. Kit's playing is just phenomenal. There's nothing vague or sentimental here, and no gratuitous head-twitching groove. This is pungent and thoughtful jazz - the urgency and closeness of Eldh's bass alongside the formidable, vintage pairing of Kit and James makes this a genuinely new sound, and one to savour from this taster he put on soundcloud some time ago now.  For context, I've also included one of Petter Eldh's recent large ensemble recordings, and a Troyka recording from the upcoming album that Petter produced. I wanted to include a self-bootleg-type-thing of Kit and James rehearsing for The Enemy's Vortex gig. It used to be on soundcloud, but I guess it was taken off lest it be included in one of these things!