Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Bumper post: The Enemy in context. Representing Europe for the future of the piano trio

So here's a new trio to watch out for in 2015. London-based Kit Downes and James Maddren are joined by Berlin-based Swedish bassist Petter Eldh, who produced the upcoming Troyka album (another band Kit plays in). Here I've gathered a few tracks to put the trio in context...

Monday, 15 December 2014

New strobes video - the rough edge of improvised beat music

Strobes: Blackmore, Nicholls, Calvert
Strobes - in a new lineup with Joshua Blackmore on drums and Matt Calvert on guitar - have posted a new live track. BrokeSpeak (video below) starts off ambient with a beat so sparse and asymmetric that it could be mistaken for a glitch, but swiftly clears up into enormous groove.

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Snowpoet - torchbearers of the art of song

Snowpoet are Lauren Kinsella and Chris Hyson. This is a fantastical union.

I haven't been able to get enough of Lauren's voice since I first stumbled upon her soundcloud account a few years ago - there was some solo voice stuff on there that was totally fresh - almost like a child tuning a radio - the sounds amazed me.

Chris Hyson has been central to a few of the projects I've been most excited about this year, including Tiny Beast, as well as his solo piano compositions performed by Kit Downes. And then there's Snowpoet.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Michael Chillingworth writes down music and then plays it with his friends and it sounds very good

Michael Chillingworth is a powerful musician to see live, and he's been on the scene for some time - he appears in Rick Simpson's band Klammer (In fact, the first time I saw Chillingworth play was alongside Rick at a Guildhall jam session around 06/07 - I remember there was a microphone clipped onto his horn for some reason, and over the course of his solo had turned around enough times to end up thoroughly entangled in the lead).

Sunday, 7 December 2014

George Crowley's Can of Worms - "T-Leaf"

I have been quite outspoken with my excitement about this band. George has written some great tunes and put together a bit of a dream team (Tom Challenger, Dan Nicholls, Sam Lasserson, Jon Scott).  They recorded some time ago now, with the album Can of Worms due out March 2015 on Whirlwind, but have already played some crucial gigs. This is a recording from their London Jazz Festival slot at The Oxford.