Tuesday, 4 November 2014


Introducing Strobes - Dan Nicholls, Dave Smith and Matt Calvert - one of a few groups with a real sense of sonic imagination in jazz at the moment. This track  is pretty out there - intricate lines torn apart by crushing, heady effects. The two of them drive by in a frenzied joyride, dragging the listener on board, only to jettison them - lost and afraid - somewhere at the end of the track.

Now nothing else will do. More please.

Strobes play the Hare and Hounds, Birmingham 20th November and Cafe Oto on 4th December.

See also the Loop Collective's REC London club nights - part of the EFG London Jazz Festival - where some incredible artists including Brass Mask will be playing energetic and creative music for people to enjoy...

Dan Nicholls - keyboards/electronics
Matt Calvert - guitar/electronics/keyboards
Dave Smith - drums/electronics