Saturday, 15 November 2014

London Jazz Festival - the cellars and lofts five night jazz-crawl

Take this year's London Jazz Festival as a chance to immerse yourself in the real atmosphere of London jazz.

You'll find the sort of cliques that were key to some of pop music's most fruitful breeding grounds (think Seattle Grunge, DC Hardcore, Harlem Stride and Compton Rap) - rich in talent, almost unsullied by commercial A&R, and consequently a virgin wilderness of frothing musical genius.

So go ahead and use this cellars and lofts guide to go out on all five school nights (or supplement the stellar Barbican/Southbank programmes) - experience one of the world's most creative and energetic music scenes...

Monday 17th November 2014
Can of Worms @ The Oxford, Kentish Town

can of worms
"Glorious, fiery, deep... Like throwing a hymn book into a pizza oven.

Can of Worms explores that happy and unpredictable space where written and improvised worlds collide, diving deep into group improvisations and compositions featuring taught, tense grooves, wailing sax-confessionals and all-out glorious free-jazz! Formed on a whim for a pick-up gig in early 2013, the strong sense of fun, interaction and joyous anarchy quickly convinced Crowley that this was a project which had to happen properly, and now, some 18 months later, the band have recorded their first full- length record of Crowley originals, to be released on the prestigious and world-reaching Whirlwind Recordings in February 2015.

Doors 8:30; entry only £7. Tickets on the door only."
Tuesday 18th November 2014
Rick Simpson's Klammer + Alex Munk Quartet @ The Green Note, Camden

Klammer: "There is a lot going on in this music: frequent shifts in time signature, tempo and feel, tricky rhythmic figures, highly textured percussive punctuation, unnerving close, Monkish harmonies, as well as beautiful lyrical elements, sometimes laid down as a vamped backdrop, sometimes draped over the top while the horns intone an insistent bell-like line. On several occasions, we were all lulled at times into a false sense of security (in a good way) before someone fired a salvo and the whole thing headed off in a different and unexpected direction." from Sarah Chaplin's LJF review 
"It's gonna be great so why not come. Love you bye!"
Alex Munk: cellars and lofts review here...
Wednesday 19th November 2014
Deemer + Duck-rabbit, Lume @ the Long White Cloud in Hoxton
Deemer: "The brain-child of Merijn Royaards and Dee Byrne, Deemer started life in 2006 as a weekly improvisation/electronics session in a warehouse in Hackney Wick. The project has since evolved into an installation/performance based electro-acoustic ‘two-piece’ orchestra, whose aural narratives are created within fluid frameworks that map a trajectory in time, but leave the sonic textures and compositions entirely free and undetermined. Deemer employ, among other things, alto saxophone, drums, analogue electronics, tape, transducer microphones/speakers to instantly compose, activate space, and blur the boundaries between free jazz and sound installation."
Duck-rabbit : "This new improvising trio explores two contrasting and overlapping personalities; one acoustic, one electronic. Using unique electronic instruments, they interact with their acoustic improvisations to form a rich and varied dialogue. Their interaction creates an absorbing interplay between past and present, a constant re-imagining of ideas within an expanded sonic terrain. Two releases, ‘Path To Field’ and ‘Scattered Voices: Part 1′ came out in early 2014."

Thursday  20th November 2014
Jam at the Vortex hosted by Hannes Riepler, Downstairs @ The Vortex, Dalston
(free entry)

hannes riepler
"Guitarist Hannes Riepler has made his mark on the city’s vibrant jazz scene, not only for his outstanding, inventive guitar skill and freewheeling energy, but as an extraordinarily talented composer. Since moving to London from Austria via studies in Amsterdam in 2006, and releasing debut album The Brave, Riepler has been working on new material.

Known as the host and curator of London’s gem of a jam session at the Vortex Downstairs, Riepler will perform his own material tonight, showcasing some of the works to be released and toured in 2015. Riepler stylishly combines the immediacy of New York’s propulsive Downtown style with classical and folk textures.

'London continues to be a magnet for foreign jazz musicians, and one of the best is Austrian guitarist Hannes Riepler' (The Daily Telegraph)"

Friday 21st November 2014
Liam Noble Trio + Michael Chillingworth @ The Con Cellar Bar, Camden

mike chillingworth
"The atmospheric and intimate Con Cellar hosts this exciting double bill featuring masterful musicians from two different generations of UK jazz.

One of the UK's formost improvisers and musicians, the incredible Liam Noble leads his longstanding trio with bassist Dave Whitford and drummer Dave Wickins through wonderfully worked compositions and homages to masters Bud Powell and Dave Brubeck.

Michael Chillingworth, one of the most revered young musicians in the UK leads a top ensemble playing his original compositions, full of quirks and fun moments, but also with real poise, drama and intensity, with virtuosic playing in spades.

All tickets £7 - please note the Con Cellar has limited seating, so we advise arriving just before doors open to guarantee a seat."
Disclaimer: this list is by no means exhaustive or exclusive - of course there's loads of other great stuff. Best way to see it? All year round!