Thursday, 13 November 2014

Liam Noble - "There Is No Greater Love"

This performance just sort of appeared on the internet. Love it when that happens. Posting with the anti-cryptic message "I like this tune, and the chords, but sometimes they've got to go.",  the ever-imaginative Liam Noble gives us a glimpse of this hyperlinear, almost geometric approach to playing standards. He's tracing shapes up and down the keyboard, playing chess against the melody - along-two-across-one knight's jumps chasing the tune in griddy, baroque spirals. Excruciatingly thoughtful, natural and fun; there is, after all, no greater love than that.

Liam Noble Trio is playing alongside the Mike Chillingworth Septet at the Con Cellar Bar in Camden on Friday 21st November as part of the London Jazz Festival