Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Laura Jurd - "She Knew Him"

Loving this taster track from Laura Jurd's upcoming album. The Blue-Eyed Hawk trumpeter appears here replete with headbanging daisies and buckets of auto-wah.

The band inevitably draws comparisons to electric Miles; it really does call to mind early 70s acid rock / funk crossover. "She Knew Him" sounds like something that could have been created at backstage after-parties had the Fillmores East and West stayed open a little longer. Rock music of this period had some great solos, and Laura's electric sound embeds hers firmly into that tradition.

The stabby asymmetric riff ("baa-baaa, baa-baaa, baa-baaa") combined with some supreme note choices gives the sound a fresh injection of hypercurrent jazz without the slightest whiff of technical superfluity: acid fusion at its best. High hopes for the album, Human Spirit, due out January 2015.