Sunday, 9 November 2014

Can somebody please introduce Troyka to JJ Abrams?

Troyka have emerged from the studio with something brilliant. These teaser clips surfaced a couple of weeks ago on the Jazzwise website, but I wanted to take a while before I posted my thoughts. The most noticeable (and therefore obvious) thing to point out is that each member has really expanded the palette of sounds they draw from - I honestly don't think anyone has taken the guitar-organ-drum trio so far into space and back again (for someone who has taken it down to hell and back on PCP, see Strobes). But there's an awful lot more to this album, and I wanted to explore the sweeping moods that these clips hint at. It's a concept album, one with an odd story but such a spot-on execution that (from what we've heard so far) it's basically faultless: even these teaser clips show the listener that this just has to be made into a sci-fi horror epic. Soon.

Arcades - open slide guitars and piano leading into edgy Rhodes which drops into cymbals crashing down onto that enormous spinning organ sound. This is Troyka opening the show with something that would already have been at home in their live set - a heavier sound that you might have missed a little on their last album - now? Taste the heavy! Grrr!
Life was transient - edgy dust-laden space-hop - a slightly-more-serious-until-you-remember-the-album-concept-is-about-a-disease-that-turns-people-into-giant-birds Jet Age of Tomorrow, with real guitar.

Ornithophobia - a broken set of gears on a child's toy - while it's innocent enough, the way everything sort of locks together is more than a bit freaky. It could dive-bomb and attack you at any moment.

The General - an incidental break from the panic - pacing back and forth without a solution - he's thinking about it...

Seahouses - this is the perfect place end up. Serene and airy - but surrounded by computers and helicopters.