Saturday, 29 November 2014

Ant Law - "Triviophobia" (Outtake)

2014 is not remotely over yet, but the 2015 album expectations are already stacking up! Adding to that stack, here's an outtake of a track called "Triviophobia" from Ant Law's upcoming album.

It's a very pretty video featuring great musicians, a light, long-winding melody, an under-your-breath swing and hopeful, floating harmony. Law is quite an introverted improvisor, but there's something really playful about his solo here. He's also really united the (ridiculous) band (Michael Chillingworth, Ivo Neame, James Maddren, Tom Farmer) behind this composition - the track as a whole is delicate but swinging, a fine example of contemporary London chamber jazz. Hopefully the rest of the album is as pretty and curious as this!