Thursday, 6 November 2014

Alex Munk - "Tracks"

Here's a huge track from guitarist Alex Munk's quartet. It's called 'Tracks' and I love it - clean melodies that hang, shimmering, until someone just has to let loose. They corner themselves into delivering the sort of gutsy surprise that makes for great gigs and - hopefully - great records.

This track is a perfect example. It breaks my heart every time and then reminds me why I love the electric guitar.

These are passionate players with a warming sense of taste and humour that never detracts from the sincerity of the music. They build tension in a series of long-rising arcs, and there's that persistent sense of an ending coupled with the reassurance that it's never quite going to be over.

As you make your way through that tune, you might find yourself not sure if it's sad or deeply happy... it doesn't matter - in the end, the guitar is going to rip your heart out anyway (I could listen to that brutal solo entry at 3:49 all day every day a thousand times over and I swear I wouldn't get bored). At some point you just have to release yourselves from it all, smile at one another, and hope to enjoy it all over again some day...

Alex Munk Quartet:

Alex Munk - Guitar
Matt Robinson - Piano/keys
Conor Chaplin - Bass
Dave Hamblett - Drums