Friday, 31 October 2014

MONSTROUS - tiny beast video playlist friday bonanza

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Anyone following me on twitter  - or who has stood next to me at all in the last 3 months -  will know about my love of tiny beast. Josh, Joshua and Chris are among the heaviest players on the scene, and have combined beats, bass and burning improvisation to create something monstrous.

That word turns up all the time in reference to this band, but there's no way around it - it's perfect: There are loads and loads and loads of jazz musicians around the world trying to do some kind of contemporary beats/bass thing - some of it is great, most of it is terrible - but none of them have got the balls-out monstrosity of tiny beast.

I caught them live at the Con Cellar and it was excellent. I was robbed of the chance to catch them a second time when they played at the Shoreditch while I was on holiday. Yeah, thanks guys. Anyway, it was - by all accounts - also excellent.

Thankfully, they have been posting videos from the gig every week for about a month. They got me hooked. And then, they've taken away my sweet sweet regular Friday delight. I am now on tenterhooks, forced to wait until they finish their EP (when I will no doubt explode with joy).

In place of their weekly video, then, I have put together the ultimate fanboy playlist to continue the spirit of #tinybeastfridays


1. Millionaire (Kelis cover)
2. Teef to Teeth
3. Big (based on chorus from Hypnotize by Biggie Smalls)
4. PE (Animals as Leaders cover)
5. Clap Clap

If the playlist plays up, you can watch it all here